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High Volume Panasonic Scanners


KV-S3085 High-Speed Scanner

The KV-SS855D High-Speed Scanner is the perfect solution for handling a large volume of documents The KV-S3085 handles almost anything, at an incredible 102 ppm. If your originals are an irregular size or less than perfect, the KV-S3085 can still handle it— from business card to ledger.

• Panasonic Image Enhancement Technology
• Black & White but Color Upgradeable

•ISIS® Drivers, TWAIN and

•Image capturing software RTIV™ Support

•High-speed simplex scanning at up to 102 ppm (Letter size. 200 dpi, portrait)

•Up to 600 dpi resolution

•1,000 sheets Automatic Document Feeder

•USB2.0 or Ultra Wide SCSI (SCSI III) 40 MB/sec

•User selectable black or white reference
KV-S3105 3105 KV-S3105C High Speed Color Scanner

The KV-S3105C High-Speed Full Color Duplex Scanner offers you the best of both worlds. Not only does it flawlessly handle a large volume of documents, the KV-S3105C offers binary and full color duplex scanning at the touch of a button, all at an astonishing speed of 230 ipm. Whether your documents call for traditional binary scanning or dual sided color the KV-S3105C delivers the images quality that you have come to expect from Panasonic.

Full Color Duplex Scanning

High-speed color scanning at 132 ppm / 230 ipm Landscape

Multi Color drop out

User select-able black or white reference

Resolution Black/White 600 dpi, Color 600 dpi

Multi Stream® output

New Advanced Panasonic Image Enhancement Technology with ‘Dynamic Threshold Technology


Image capturing software RTIV™ Support